Photos of our Japan trip 2010/ Trip to Tokyo Auto Salon ! Photos of some Japanese foods !

From Jan 5th – January 21st, Cory and David from Modern Performance went to Japan to see the Tokyo auto salon, to visit with some auto part manufacturers, tour Mazda and Toyotas assembly lines, visit some auto museums and to go to drift school.

Over the next week or so, we are going to be posting photos from our trip so stay tuned !

Today, we are going to share with you some photos of foods we experienced while in Japan.

First off, we have some interesting Pizza we had while visiting Universal Studios Japan. This food was served to us in the “Amityville” section of Universal Studios which was the area where the JAWS ride was.

Slice of Pizza with Corn, Tuna, and we believe potatos:
Japanese Pizza with Corn, Tuna, and Potatos

Menu: Supposedly your should dip your pizza into a bowl of fondue.
Menu from Unversal Studios Japan

Yum, everyone loves donuts right ! ?
Japanese Donuts

Japanese Donuts

Japanese Donuts

Wait a minute.. Soybean Milk Buns of Green Tea and Ugisu Bean.. This doesnt look so good.

Japanese Donuts

This donut, which I bought was a Carrot Cake donut, and was suprisingly good.

Japanese Donuts

Alright, enough of the bizarre Japanese foods. I want to go to Mcdonalds and get a regular MCD’s breakfast.
Wait a minute, whats this ? Orange Juice, Hash Browns and a Hot dog for breakfast ?

Japanese Mcdonalds food

Next episode – we’re featuring a few motors and cars from our MUSEUMS tour through Japan

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Photos of our Japan trip 2010/Tokyo Auto salon – part 2 – museum photos