Photos of our Japan trip 2010/Tokyo Auto salon – part 2 – museum photos

From Jan 5th – January 21st, Cory and David from Modern Performance went to Japan to see the Tokyo auto salon, to visit with some auto part manufacturers, tour Mazda and Toyotas assembly lines, visit some auto museums and to go to drift school.

Over the next week or so, we are going to be posting photos from our trip so stay tuned !

Today, we are posting some photos of motors, and of a car from our trip to several museums.

These photos are from the MEGAWEB, which was a car museum/showroom put on by Toyota. It was a multi story, huge complex filled with new, and old cars.

There was a motorsports section of the MEGAWEB devoted to racing, and heres a few photos of some motors they had in this section.

This is an all motor, equipped with individual throttle bodies engine, 4 cylinder, but we cant remember what generation of motor it was from.

Toyota ITB engine

Equal length header, Nice !
Toyota ITB four cylinder motor

Next up – a 3S-GTE motor thats based out of the Celica/MR2. This motor had a rating of 345 hp on the data card:


Next up – This was located in another Toyota Museum and it featured a 1955 Flying Feather. This car stood out because of the choice of wheels. This car must have looked odd in 1955 with its huge spoked wheels with thin tires. It would probably look right in place now, with so many cars that have 22-26+ inch aftermarket chrome wheels !

1955 Flying Feather

1955 Flying Feather

Next episode – we show you some photos from the Tokyo Auto Salon !

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Photos of our Japan trip 2010/ Trip to Tokyo Auto Salon ! Photos of some Japanese foods !

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