Quickly tell family and friends what you want for Xmas with our tell a friend feature!

MP is shipping out for Guaranteed Christmas delivery all the way up till 12/20/13 by Home Delivery Ground service. Express service is available up until the 23rd for overnight.

Your friends and family will end up buying you ties, socks, and other things you dont want for Xmas.
YOU send them a link through our tell a friend feature letting them know exactly what you want for Xmas!

This way you end up smiling on Christmas day!

Here is how simple it is.

1) Find the item, or items you want on our site.
2) Click the Tell a Friend link.

Xmas parts from Modern Performance!
Xmas parts from Modern Performance!

3) Fill out the window with your name, your email address and your friend/family members email info. (We will not send them any emails, this is ONLY used for this one time service)

Xmas parts from Modern Performance
Xmas parts from Modern Performance

After everything is filled out click on the Tell a Friend button on the bottom and your done. This is the best way to eliminate the mystery on what you want for Xmas this year!

Click on either of the photos to jump to our site to begin telling your friends what you want!

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