LOTS of Mopar stage 2/3 replacement parts for Neon SRT4 now in stock at MP

As most of you already know, we love the Neon SRT4 and we’ll continue to support them in any way we can.
We want these cars to continue to whoop up some import cars on the streets!

In order to keep the Mopar stage 2/3 equipped cars running, we’ve bought out Mopars remaining stage 2/3 inventory of replacement parts.

We now have TONS of replacement parts available for the stage 2/3 kit cars, here are some quick pics of the goodies we got in:

Lots of NGC connectors, water sprayer pumps, fuel pump canister gaskets, exhaust manifold bolts

TONS of water sprayer hardware

More water sprayer hardware


Water sprayer brackets

Stage 3 kit fuel rails, Stage 2/3 kit service/installation cd’s, stage 2/3 badges, copper grommets for oil/water lines

LOTS of stage 3 o2 housings

LOTS of stage 3 fuel pump canister assemblies

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