SRT4 stock axles versus SRT4 DSS Axles comparison

Because a SRT4 owner was asking about why he had green boots on his axles, and just for kicks, we decided to do a SRT4 stock axle versus DSS Driveshaft shop Stage 3 axle comparison.

This axle set has been redesigned to have a new inner CV with larger tripods and a new heat treat on the female inner spline. The kit also has a higher durometer boot to seal the axle grease into the tripod assemblies.

SRT4 DSS Axle versus Stock Axle

SRT4 DSS Axle versus Stock Axle

Close up of FACTORY SRT4 AXLE splines:

SRT4 stock axle splines

Closeup of DSS SRT4 Axle Splines

DSS SRT4 axle splines

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