T Bolt Clamp versus worm gear clamp comparison

Almost on a daily basis, we get calls from customers asking if T Bolt Clamps are worth buying for their Turbo Neon, Neon SRT-4, Caliber SRT-4 or Cobalt SS Turbo.

The answer is YES ! Why ? Lets start with a picture first.

T Bolt Clamp versus Worm Gear clamp comparison

The photo on the left shows the T bolt clamp, which is .75 inch wide, and the regular worm gear clamp on the right thats .50 inches wide.

The T Bolt clamp is a solid 50% wider! Also, because the worm gear clamp has slots for the gearing to pull on, worm gear clamps will frequently cut or damage the silicone hosing, or rubber hosing your clamping down on.

Heres a photo showing the worm gear clamp versus T bolt clamp again, except this time on a silicone hose.

T Bolt Clamp versus Worm Gear Clamp on a silicone hose

Here you can see that the T bolt clamp is quite a bit wider, which means that it will do a better job of securing the hose. This means less chances of pressurized hoses blowing off, and less chances of boost leaking out from under the clamp/hose.

Lastly, in this photo you can see that the T bolt clamp uses a lock style nut on the clamp. This prevents the clamp from coming loose with vibration, bumps in the road, etc. Normal worm gear clamps can come loose over time, but not this style of T Bolt clamp!

If you have a forced induction car, you really need to get these installed on your pressure pipes so that your getting ALL of the performance your car can give, and have NO leaks, and NO hoses blowing off! Youll be really upset if a pressure pipe blows off and your car goes from 275 horsepower to 110 horsepower because of a worm gear clamp failure!

These are offered in 2.25 inch, 2.5 inch, and 3 inch diameter. Click here to view this item in our shopping cart.

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