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Turbo Fiat 500 Black headlight/taillight/turn signal part numbers

We own a 2013 Fiat 500 Abarth and we’re not happy with the chrome headlights/turn signals/taillights. So, we bought all of the headlights/turn signals/taillights off of the 2013+ Fiat 500 Turbo model.


Fiat Turbo model black lights
Fiat Turbo model black lights

Now, these are NOT cheap. In fact if you visit your local dealership this entire set of lights may end up costing you close to $850-900 as of 6/1/13.

But, sometimes when you want the look, you just have to do it!

Anyways, we’d like to help out anyone else wanting to get the Turbo black lamps by listing the part numbers below.

Mopar/Fiat part number
68172231-AB headlight
68172230-AB headlight
68172246-AA front turn signal
68172247-AA front turn signal
68172251-AA tail lamp
68172250-AA tail lamp

Use those part numbers above to order with your local dealership.

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