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New part for Dodge Dart 1.4 Turbo coming into stock shortly- MPx ported throttle bodies!

In studying the Dart 1.4, we found that the stock throttle body necked down a decent amount in the throttle body bore.

So, we studied it further, and found there were several areas to improve on with the Dart tb.

That lead to us porting out a TB, using flush screws versus the factory huge screws, and we were able to improve flow by 15% through the TB, make MORE power and torque, AND improve throttle response.

We were able to gain 6 hp and 2 lbs of torque PEAK at the wheels with our test 1.4 Turbo Dodge Dart!

Pic of a MPx ported tb
Dodge Dart 1.4 Turbo MPx ported throttle body

Now, we’ll begin offering these next week, and these will be BRAND new MOPAR tb’s that we port, that you buy outright. No used TB’s will be sold to you! You then buy it, install it, and be happy!

Watch out for our official product announcement next week!

Written by Modern Performance

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