Using a 03-05 SRT4 intake manifold on a first gen Neon?

Today we heard from a customer doing an interesting swap. It was a 95-99 Neon owner who does a lot of dirt track racing, and he was installing a SRT4 intake manifold and SRT4 MPx tb onto his first gen Neon. The wiring is completely different between the SRT4 and Neon IAC wiring, so he was having a hard time making the electrical connections work. More than likely if he couldnt figure out the wiring swap, he’ll have to use a mechanical vacuum device to control the IAC.

Sounds like an interesting swap. We’d love to see photos, and also a dyno sheet of this swap. We’re not sure what hes doing about the different bolt patterns between the neon head and srt4 intake manifold though. .

We’re not saying it cant be done.. But he’s going to have some interesting challenges ahead!

Written by Modern Performance

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