Wilwood big brake kit -Improve braking/reduce brake fade and lose 27 lbs of WEIGHT!

Some of you have considered the Wilwood kit only to improve braking performance.

Well, you’ve missed out on two other key important factors to the Wilwood kit. Not only does it improve braking by going from a single piston caliper to a 4 piston caliper assembly, due to the larger diameter(mass) you dissipate heat better, and most importantly, you lose about 24 lbs of weight over the stock assembly!

Here are some important photos to consider.

First off, the stock rotor, and caliper assembly. These weigh in at a combined 29.2lbs. The rotor alone, which is a cross drilled and slotted rotor weighed in at 16.6 lbs by itself, and caliper 12.6 lbs.

Neon SRT4 oem rotor weight

Neon SRT4 oem caliper weight

Now, the Wilwood weights. These weigh in at a combined 15.75 lbs. The rotor with the hat and hardware weighs in at 10.60 lbs, or about a 36% reduction in rotating mass. This is huge, as it reduces the weight of the drivetrain, which will improve the throttle response of the motor, and improve braking. The caliper assembly weighs in at 5.15 lbs which is incredible because you go from a single piston caliper from the factory to the Wilwood with 4, which improves clamping power, but yet its significantly lighter!

Neon SRT4 Wilwood rotors weight

Wilwood Caliper, hardware and brake pads for Neon SRT4 weight

For more information on the Wilwood brake kits for the Neon SRT4, click on any of the photos above to jump to our product info page.

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