2013+ Dodge Dart – I want to autocross my car, which springs should I choose?

Here is an email from a customer:

I want to know which set of springs do you recommend for auto cross and what are the differences between them. I already know about the coilovers but can’t get them so I want to know about the springs.

The difference between the two springs we offer, is twofold.

Pro kit springs – lower a little amount, with a softer spring rate. Roughly 170ft lbs spring rate (stock is about 140)
Sportline springs – lower more, higher spring rate. Roughly 200ft lbs spring rate (stock is about 140)

Now, with autocrossing you’d automatically think, get the higher spring rate!
But, the thing is, the sportlines further compress the factory struts, and with you taking corners, really abusing the suspension the pro kit can handle the abuse better.

Also, in the past, the pro kit has always been designed for guys that are concerned about handling, with a better look.
The sportline springs have always been designed for guys that want to really lower their cars, but yet have a decent ride quality.

Hope that helps you with your decision. If you could ever get the budget for coilovers, those would give you EVEN more control of course!

Click on the photo below for more information on the Eibach springs we offer for the Dart:

Eibach springs for the 2013+ Dodge Dart
Eibach springs for the 2013+ Dodge Dart

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