03-05 Dodge Neon SRT-4 Check Engine Codes

Have a 03-05 Dodge Neon SRT-4 and have a check engine light lit up on your dash? Then use this sequence below to find out what the check engine code is on for.

NOTE: Modern Performance is not a mechanic service, and we do not do troubleshooting work/diagnostic work. We are only providing this as a reference to help.

Heres how you check the engine codes.

1) Insert the key into the ignition, and go from the off position, to the on position THREE times.

Off-On, Off-On, Off-On and then leave the key in the ignition. Then, the display will show the engine codes, followed by a DONE message.

p0016- crankshaft/camshaft timing misalignment
p0031- o2 sensor 1/1 heater circuit low
p0037- o2 sensor 1/2 heater circuit low
p0032- o2 sensor 1/1 heater circuit high
p0038- o2 sensor 1/2 heater circuit high
p0033- surge valve solenoid circuit
p0068- mainfold pressure/throttle position correlation- high flow/vacuum leak
p0070- ambient temp sensor stuck
p0071- ambient temp sensor performance
p0072 ambient temp sensor low
p0073 ambient temp sensor high
p0106- map sensor performance
p0107- map sensor low
p0108 -map sensor high
p0110 -intake air temp sensor stuck
p0111- intake air temp sensor performance
p0112- intake air temp sensor low
p0113- intake air temp sensor high
p0116- engine coolant temp performance
p0117- engine coolant temp low
p0118- engine coolant temp high
p0121- throttle position sensor #1 performance
p0122- throttle position sensor #1 low
p0123- throttle position sensor #1 high
p0125- insufficient coolant temp for closed loop fuel control
p0128- thermostat rationality
p0129- barometric pressure out of range low
p0131- o2 sensor 1/1 voltage low
p0137- o2 sensor 1/2 voltage low
p0132- o2 sensor 1/1 voltage high
p0138- o2 sensor 1/2 voltage high
p0133- o2 sensor 1/1 slow response
p0139- o2 sensor 1/2 slow response
p0135- o2 sensor 1/1 heater performance
p0141- o2 sensor 1/2 heater performance
p0171- fuel system 1/1 lean
p0172- fuel system 1/1 rich
p0201- fuel injector #1
p0202- fuel injector #2
p0203- fuel injector #3
p0204- fuel injector #4
p0234- overboost performance
p1106- baro solenoid performance
p1188- tip sensor performance
p0243- wastegate solenoid circuit
p0300- multiple cylinder misfire
p0301- cylinder #1 misfire
p0302- cylinder #2 misfire
p0303- cylinder #3 misfire
p0304- cylinder #4 misfire
p0315- no crank sensor learned
p0325- knock sensor #1 circuit
p0335- crankshaft position sensor circuit
p0339- crankshaft position sensor intermittent
p0340- camshaft position sensor circuit
p0344- camshaft position sensor intermittent
p0351- ignition coil #1 circuit
p0352- ignition coil #2 circuit
p0420- catalytic 1/1 efficiency
p0440- general evap system failure
p0441- evap purge system performance
p0442- evap system medium leak
p0455- evap system large leak
p0443- evap purge solenoid circuit
p0452- nvld pressure switch sense circuit low
p0453- nvld pressure switch sense circuit high
p0456- evap system small leak
p0461- fuel level sensor #1 performance
p0462- fuel level sensor #1 low
p0463- fuel level sensor #1 high
p0480- cooling fan 1 control circuit
p0481- cooling fan 2 control circuit
p0498- nvld canister vent valve solenoid circuit low
p0499- nvld canister vent valve solenoid circuit high
p0501- vehicle speed sensor #1 performance(manual trans)
p0506- idle speed low performance
p0507- idle speed high performance
p0519- idle speed performance
p0508- iac valve sense circuit low
p0509- iac vavle sense circuit high
p0513 invalid skim key
p0516- battery temp sensor low
p0517- battery temp sensor high
p0522- oil pressure sensor low
p0551- power steering switch performance
p0562- battery voltage low
p0563- battery voltage high
p0600- serial communication link
p0601- internal memory checksum invalid
p0622- generator field control circuit
p0627- fuel pump relay circuit
p0630- vin not programmed in pcm
p0632- odometer not programmed in pcm
p0633- skim key not programmed in pcm
p0645- a/c clutch relay circuit
p0685- asd relay control circuit
p0688- asd relay sense circuit low
p0703- brake switch #2 circuit
p0833- clutch released switch circuit
p1105- tip sensor solenoid circuit
p1189- tip sensor circuit low
p1190- tip sensor circuit high
p1602- pcm not programmed
p1603- pcm internal dual-port ram communication
p1604- pcm internal dual=port ram read/write integrity failure
p1607- pcm internal shutdown timer rationality
p1681- no fuel level bus message
p1686- no skim bus messages
p1687- no cluster bus messages
p1696- eeprom memory write denied/invalid
p1697- emr (sri) mileage not stored
p1854- tip baro out of range
p2302- igniton coil #1 secondary circuit-insufficient ionization
p2305- igniton coil #2 secondary circuit-insufficient ionization
p2503- charging system voltage low

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