Oxygen sensor check engine light on ? We’ve got the fix !

Have a check engine light in your vehicle for cat efficiency codes due to not having a catalytic convertor on your car, or from a sensitive pcm?


If you answered yes, then you need this piece. Its a easy to install, thread in oxygen sensor extender that requires NO tools, and threads into your existing oxygen sensor bung within seconds.

– A very effective tool for avoiding Check Engine Lights. Pulls the Oxygen Sensor further away from the exhaust gas stream.
– the “J” shape allows the O2 sensor to be installed parallel to the exhaust pipe for better clearance.
– M18 x 1.5 Thread. Accepts all standard O2 sensors.

Vibrant Oxygen Sensor De-fouler (check engine light eliminator)
Vibrant Oxygen Sensor De-fouler (check engine light eliminator)

Link to the J Hook oxygen sensor check engine light eliminator:

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