Matt our employee is reunited with his 98 Neon!

Matts 98 Plymouth Neon EX without AC !!

Matt, our employee who recently moved from Holland, Michigan was seperated from his 98 Plymouth Neon by nearly 1100 miles.

After suffering from Neon withdrawal over a period of almost 3 years, he finally decided to bring his 98 Plymouth Neon to Houston.

Now, what makes this so special is due to several factors.

1) Matts Neon is a NON AC car, and he lives in Houston. It regularly gets to be 105 degrees during summer.

2) Matts Neon is Black, and is going to absorb TONS of 105 degree heat in the summer time.

Good luck with that Matt! Now that we’re past the NON ac part, heres the rest of what makes this car so unique.

Normally, NON AC cars will be stripper models, with hubcaps, no spoiler, sohc motor with manual transmission. However, Matts Neon has a DOHC engine, Manual transmission, Sport wheels, and a spoiler. It also has manual windows and locks. So, other than having no side moldings, and no AC, it appears to be a Plymouth Expresso.  However, it gets even weirder that his car was bought with a painted non fog light bumper. Almost all Dohc Neons came with fog light bumpers, and side moldings.

Perhaps the first owner pulled the side moldings off and replaced a damaged fog light bumper with a non fog light bumper.

Either way, we’re happy to have another Neon at MP, especially such a clean bodied, Dohc, Manual Neon!

Here are some photos of the engine bay. LOOK AT HOW STOCK THIS ENGINE BAY LOOKS!!! Stock air snorkel, battery cover, even the battery cover strap! For most of Neon enthusiasts, we havent seen a stock engine bay in YEARS! Hehe!

Look at how much room is in his engine bay as well due to there not being a AC compressor, and because of it having a half size radiator and half size radiator fan. Its VERY rare to see a half size radiator and fan in a Neon, let alone coupled with a Dohc engine!

Matts 98 Plymouth Neon EX without AC !!

Matts 98 Plymouth Neon EX without AC !!

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