Photos of our 2.4 swap power steering bracket for owners of 1995-1999 Dodge/Plymouth Neons.

The 2.4 engine swap for the 1995-1999 Dodge/Plymouth Neon is one of the best modifications you can do in our opinion. You start off with an extra 30 lbs of torque which REALLY helps make the car faster, and more fun to drive.

One issue we run into when doing a swap, is the power steering bracket that is commonly used, a PT Cruiser bracket frequently breaks. This is due to the PT Cruiser using an automatic belt tensioner, AND because it uses a serpentine belt whereas swapped cars are using a V belt, and customers are tensioning the belt way more than it needs to be.

So, we created a 1/4 inch steel bracket that uses three securing points, and has a pivoting hole along with slots for the power steering pump to tension with. This bracket is made in the USA, its water jet cut for clean, precise cuts, and comes with the hardware needed to mount it.


2.4 swap power steering bracket kit
2.4 swap power steering bracket kit

(NOTE: we’ve offered this bracket for years, but we have updated it to make it stronger with a longer horizontal support and more welds)

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