Additional photos of the MPx Caliber SRT-4 Intercooler

For a while, we only had one image posted of the MPx Intercooler for the Caliber SRT-4 and it didnt do a good job of displaying the quality of the MPx intercooler.

So, to better show the quality of the cast end tanks and the welds, we took some photos to post on the site.

One thing to notice in these photos, is the consistency of the welds holding the inner core to the cast end tanks. Another thing that you should know is that most manufacturers of intercoolers use aluminum sheet, bend the sheet and then weld it all together. The problem with this style of fabrication is that the more welds you have, the higher chance of leaking. When we use cast end tanks, we have a solid, very strong piece that only has welds holding it to the inner core, making it very strong.

Here they are:

Caliber SRT-4 MPx intercooler Cast End tanks

Caliber SRT4 MPx intercooler Cast End tanks

Heres a photo of our Caliber SRT4 with the MPx Intercooler installed:
2008 Caliber SRT-4 with MPx intercooler installed

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