Installing a clutch into your Neon/SRT-4/Cobalt? For proper clutch life, break in the clutch smoothly for 500 miles..

We get a call everyonce in a while from a customer thats installed a clutch in their 95-05 Neon, Neon SRT-4, or Cobalt, about their clutch slipping that they just installed.

Even though paperwork is sent along with the clutch that states a 500 mile break in period is ABSOLUTELY neccesary, along with us telling customers on the phone of the 500 mile break in period at time of purchase, we get this type of call way more often than Id like.

So, to stress it here again, its very important to break in your new clutch properly for 500 miles.

Im not talking about hopping in your Neon/Neon SRT-4/Cobalt and driving to see your grandmother a few states over, Im talking about, good, daily driving, lots of clutch engagement/disengagement driving. You can slip the clutch, and shift it through all the gears as much as you want, but do not apply more than 35-40% throttle, and do NOT FLOOR the car.

If you dont, the friction material inside your clutch may not seat properly and you can have a slipping clutch. After youve spent good money on a clutch, and paid for someone to install it, or installing it yourself, nothing can be more frustrating.  I know it can be REALLY hard to not drive your car aggresively or floor your car on the highway on ramp, or when the Honda boy next to you wants to race, but its worth it in the long run to break in the clutch properly.

Written by Modern Performance

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