Photos of our color matched MPx Dual/Triple Caliber SRT4 pillar pods being painted

Today we painted a small batch of Caliber SRT4 Dual/Triple pillar pods and I thought it would be good to show/discuss whats involved in us making these.

First off, Modern Performance worked with a manufacturer to produce these for the Caliber SRT4, and the finished product looks great, however theres one major issue. The manufacturer couldnt produce the pillars in the same color as the factory A pillar. So the a pillar pods are delivered to us in black.

We then had Sherwin Williams paint match the factory A pillar with a special automotive grade paint that flexes with heat and cold. This paint is expensive, and it requires a multi step process to make sure the paint adheres to the pillar perfectly.

The first step is to clean the pillars with a special cleaning agent. Then, we spray a primer on the pillar to prep the surface. Lastly in the painting process we spray the pillar with the custom matched paint.

Mpx Caliber SRT4 Gauge pillar pods being painted

Then all of the pillar pods are moved outside to bake in the sun for a few hours, followed by curing indoors overnight.
Mpx Caliber SRT4 Gauge pillar pods curing outdoors

At this point, we compare the painted pods to the factory pillar to make sure the color matches perfectly.

To make sure the pillar pods arent damaged in transit, we then take each pillar and wrap them in bubble wrap. Its quite a process, and it involves a lot of work, but we do it all the right way to make sure they look good, and will last in your Caliber SRT4.

Link to the Caliber pods on our website :

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