AGP has updated their blow off valve uppipes with screw in OEM temp sensors for 03-05 SRT4!

Ok, so the original OEM design of the pipe between the intercooler and throttle body on the 03-05 Dodge SRT4 had a grommet and a push in temp sensor.
With higher boost pressures, this temp sensor would blow out, causing a big boost leak and loss of power.

So, AGP fixed this issue when they made a replacement aluminum uppipe with a threaded temperature sensor that would never blow out. The only issue is this sensor was very expensive, and on top of that they couldnt be soldered into the wiring harness, they had to be crimped onto the wiring.

Fast forward to present day, and AGP has done something pretty awesome. They took the OEM temperature sensor and threaded it so that you could thread in the oem temp sensor, making it so it will never blow out. You can then use your oem wiring as well, no modifications to your wiring needed!



Link for more information on the AGP uppipes at Modern Performance for the 03-05 Dodge SRT4:

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