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Synapse Synchronic Blow off Valve

The Synapse Universal is a pull-type blow-off valve design that eliminates leaking by seating the valve more as boost pressure increase.

Each assembly is pressure tested to 100 psi prior to leaving the factory. Interchangeable inlet and discharge flanges allow various adapter and kits for many popular applications.

Synapse Engineering Synchronic Blow-Off Valve is a fast-acting design that functions as a blow-off, diverter (DV)/bypass and even a pop-off valve.

The patented (6,863,260) design eliminates the diaphragm with a multi-tier piston actuator that equalizes the force required to open the valve at any boost pressure.

This design is intended to significantly reduce or eliminate compressor surge and will not leak boost.

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If you want to install the Synapse blow off valve in your car but you currently have a HKS or Greddy flanged uppipe, we have the Synapse blow off valve adapters in stock to sell as well.

Synapse Synchronic Blow off Valve

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