Spotted a 1998 Neon ACR in the junkyard..

So this past weekend we came across a first gen Neon coupe. To our suprise it was a manual, and a dohc.
At first it just appeared to be a Neon Sport Coupe.

Then, it had rear disc brakes, and a swaybar. Nice!

Sure it had some questionable body modifications, but overall this Neon had a good foundation to be a solid car with great performance and handling.


Looks like it had SRT4 wheels..


No rear spoiler, rear disc brakes, rear spoiler.. Nice.


Instrument cluster with 7k redline and cf overlay.


Sohc  hood with a WRX style scoop installed along with hood being cut out underside.


Leather wrapped wheel.. Whoa, these only come on RT’s and ACR’s..


Ouch, this has Koni adjustable struts.. This is an ACR. =/


This car had the rare long throttle cable as well.


It was a sad moment for this first gen Neon enthusiast to see this Neon ACR in a junkyard. But, luckily we pulled a bunch of parts off it and the parts off this car will help our first gen Neons live on further!

Written by Modern Performance

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