AGP Valve Cover Breather 08-09 Caliber SRT4 now listed on our website!

Caliber Valve Cover breather

Instead of venting your oil vapors back into the intake system, reroute into one of our professionally constructed, fully tig welded breather systems. Using the same filtering media as our popular Oil Accumulator, this breather vents to the atmosphere through a washable/reusable air filter but it separates the oil from the air. That separated oil collects in the bottom chamber of the breather instead of finding its way through your intake, turbo, hard pipes, intercooler, etc.

This is a great way to keep all the turbo system’s components clean.

Included in this kit is the breather can, filter, hose, hose clamp, mounting bolt and vacuum cap. This breather mounts just above the transmission under the intake tube.

The Breather is completely constructed of aluminum and comes standard with a brushed finish. This will fit the Caliber SRT-4 perfectly and comes with hose and hose clamps for an easy installation.

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