Photos of a “Turbo kit” for the 03-05 SRT4 listed on Ebay..

We saw a listing for a “Turbo kit” on Ebay for the 2003-2005 Dodge SRT4 and we just HAD to share this with you guys!

This kit is listed for about $700 which is a suprisingly good deal if you look at all thats offered.

The reason we find this “Turbo Kit” interesting is for multiple reasons:

– First off, sure its a turbo kit, but wheres the turbo manifold!? (The problem is this is a universal kit, and its not a specific kit for the SRT4 like it implies!)
– Our most favorite item in the whole turbo kit is the DUAL blow off valve kit. Why do we need a DUAL blow off valve kit on a single outlet turbo, single inlet intake manifold? If this was a v6 or v8 where it has two inlets then we could use a dual blow off valve kit.

Sure this kit comes with a lot of nice components such as 1) Catch can 2) Boost controller 3) Voltage Stabilizer 4) Fuel pressure regulator 5) 5 inch tachometer gauge along with boost gauge 6) Dual Knockoff Greddy blow off valves 7) Universal intercooler and more! HOWEVER, the biggest problem we have with items like this on Ebay, is that this kit uses a lot of Chinese made components that are frequently reverse engineered items with poor quality.

If you were to install something like this on your car, you wont have any tech support, and there is more than likely no warranty on any of these components.

Morale of the story : Be careful, and dont be tempted by a low price when considering an item for your car. ESPECIALLY if its something thats mechanical that could fail like 75% of the items in this kit.

Copy of text from Ebay auction:

Heres the contents of the package:
• T3/T4 (T04E) Turbo Charger
Capable of producing 450+ HP
T3 Flange to Manifold
Trim Compressor: 57
Trim Turbine: 76
A/R turbine: 0.63
A/R compressor: 0.50
NPT oil inlet: 1/8
35/38″ external wastegate flange
5 Bolt Downpipe exhaust flange
3″ Inlet Diameter

• Front Mount Turbo Intercooler
High Quality Aluminum Material
lightweight Design
core size: 21.25 x 5 x 2.5
full size: 27 x 5 x 2.5
(2) 2 inch inlet and (1) 2.25 inch outlet
150 to 130 high temperature reduction
• Intercooler Piping kit
Made of Aluminum Material lightweight Design
2.5 inch piping kit
x16 T-Clamps
x8 Silicone Hoses
x2 90 Degree pipe
x2 60 Degree pipe
x2 45 Degree pipe
x2 Straight pipe
Might required to cut or modify to fit

• 38mm V-Band wastegate
Mado of high quality billet aluminum
utilizes 35/38mm flange
v-band style, easy to installation
direct bolt-on design
neccessary hardware included
• Voltage Stabilizer
High performance, JDM Style
Ignition flow to Strengthen Starting Power
Improves Fuel Efficiency
Saves Battery Power, and Better performance

• Blow-off Valve *2
Aluminum body and cover polished
Performance produces aggressive Sound,
Protects turbo by venting compression surge
Direct bolt-on Design
includeds complete install kit
• Bov Flange Pipe
Durable, made of high quality Cast material!
Perfect for the BOV!
Perfect fitting

• Boost Controller
CNC Machined designed
aluminum anodized finish
manual boost control 0-30 psi

• Oil Catch Tank
aluminum body polish and cover
preserves engine oil,ensure better oil efficiency
Performance design, safe engine life

• Turbo Timmer
ensure proper time to cool down the turbo charged cars
auto mode feature create a hassle free operation
bright LED Digitlal display
automatic idling feature, display battery voltage

• Fuel Pressure Regulator
High quality fitting!
aluminum lightweight design, long lasting
performance engines for reliable operation
can boost 15-75 psi or more

• Oil Cooler & line kit
aluminum material oil cooler
Stainless Steel line kits
CNC machined design aluminum oil plate
lightweight design, sustain over 200psi
resist high temp. in engine bay
1.5mm threads oil filter adapter
37″,47″,62″ oil cooler line 7/8″ outside diameter hoses

• Electric Slim Fan
Used to Cool Down the Oil Cooler,
Transmission Cooler, Intercooler,
A/C System. Radiator
Able Reverse to Push or Pull air
blade: 10″ x 10″x 1.5″
1720 cfm /ea., 12v, 80w
mounting kit included

• Tachometer
High performance 5 inch tachometer gauge
12v power sources required read up to 11,000 RPM
Beatiful Huge display, increases racing look and style
included 11k RPM tach, shift light
Oil Pressure, Oil temp. Water temp.
sensor and mounting kit included

• 52mm JDM Smoke LED Gauge *3
2 inch Smoke tint lens
JDM style Super white LED display
easily to check measurement
air/fuel ratio, vacuum, turbo boost meter included

• Oil Feed Line
stainless steel material
36 inch Stainless Steel material
1/8 NPT adaptor goes with the block
4AN fitting with on flange
Necessary fitting for complete installation

• Flexible Transfer Hose
made of 300 stainless steel line
bend or cut to any configuration and desired length
flex, high gloss powder coated design
aids in cooling and withstands vibration and corrosion
ideal for radiator or engine swaps, parts included:
x1 24 inch flex hose
x2 3 inch connector
x2 1/8 inch
x2 1/2 inch
x4 hose clamp

• Braided Hose Kits
braided lightweight design steel material
lowest price to clean up the engine bay
able to dress up radiator hoese, fuel lines,
heater hoses, vacuum lines and more

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