Another update on the Caliber SRT4 valve covers..

Another update for you Caliber SRT-4 fans!

We’re testing another powdercoat process that should adhere better to the plastic valve cover. This is done in a wrinkle red type finish, and its a different type of process/curing than a standard powdercoat. This is still a great looking, very durable finish.

Caliber SRT-4 Powdercoated Valve Cover

Here it is installed onto our project 08 Caliber SRT-4. We will be testing this valve cover in different heat levels, subjecting it to different chemicals to ensure its going to be very durable, heat resistant, and chemical resistant before we bring these to market. This is a very critical phase of this product testing, to make sure that it will last, and not peel off or crack with the extreme heat from the turbo.

Caliber SRT-4 Powdercoated Valve Cover

Powdercoated Caliber SRT-4 Valve Cover

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