As our cars get older, insurance values drop, dont get stuck with wrong insurance.

One problem we have with most of our customized/modified cars is that as they get older, the value of the car to the insurance company drops.

Ie, a 1995 Neon may only be worth $1400 to an insurance company, but you may have to spend $5,000 -$10,000+ to replace your Neon if it gets stolen, totalled, etc.

So, what you need to do is get agreed value insurance, where you state the replacement value of your car and insure it accordingly. Most insurance companies dont offer this type of service, so ask if they cover mods, wheels, paintwork, etc and if they dont, check into agreed value insurance.

One company we have found that seems to be highly rated is American Collectors. They will work with you even if your car is NOT valued as a collectors car. We are NOT AFFILIATED with them, only trying to make sure the hundreds/thousands/tens of thousands of hours, and or dollars you have in your car are not lost. American Collectors will only insure pleasure vehicles, not daily driven vehicles btw.



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