Knockoff blow off valves – Wrong item to buy to save money.

A customer called us the other day and ordered a new HKS SSQV blow off valve for his car. He told me he had bought a pipe to mount the blow off valve onto his car, and then he bought a knockoff blow off valve for $40 off Ebay. He knew it was a knockoff but decided to give it a shot anyways.

After installing the knockoff blow off valve, his car ran SLOWER at the track due to the knockoff blow off valve leaking under boost.

Although some of these knockoff products look good, just think for a minute, if these companies are sleazy enough to produce exact copies of other blow off valves, do you think they are ethical enough to produce a QUALITY product that will last ? They are only in it to make a quick buck, they dont care at all wether their product works within 1 year, or even 1 week !

Look at the knockoff products, then the REAL product. Knockoff Greddy Type RS and then a REAL Greddy Type RS that we used to carry before Greddy discontinued it.
Knockoff Greddy RS Blow off Valve
Greddy Type RS Blow off valve

Knockoff HKS blow off valve, and then a REAL HKS Super Sequential Blow off valve.
Knockoff HKS SSQV Blow off Valve
Hks SSQV Blow off valve

Theres a famous saying that relates perfectly to knockoff products like the ones shown above.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of cheap price is forgotten”

Dont waste your money, or your time with knockoff products, youll get burned ultimately.

Written by Modern Performance

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