Beware of imitation (knock off) products – its not worth the risk and frustration

Have you ever come across a part that seemed to be 1/2 or 1/3rd of the normal price you seen online ?

Take for example this Turbo Timer. A customer of ours bought this and had it installed into his car.

Fake Apexi Turbo Timer

Fake Apexi Turbo Timer

Fake Apexi Turbo Timer

Now, for those of you familiar with the Apexi turbo packaging, you’d probably think that this is a Apexi Turbo Timer, however its not.
This is a knockoff of the Apexi Turbo Timers. Normally the Apexi Turbo Timer sells for $90 – $100. The knockoff above sold for $30-$50.

Heres the problem. With a part like this, a turbo timer, it ties into your cars ignition harness, and if it fails, or malfunctions, it could cause some real problems.

Say for instance your out of town, and the $30 knockoff timer breaks, and you cant start your car. Was the $30 you saved worth it then ?

If the knockoff piece fails, who do you call ? Most companies that sell knockoff pieces like this offer no warranty, and no replacement parts. Apexi USA supports their products sold with a warranty, and service in case of problems or defects. Furthermore, when a company is not doing any research, development, and testing of their products, and all they are out to do is knockoff a product, their number one goal is making money, not making a quality product. Do you think these knockoff companies care if your car breaks down, or catches fire due to low quality wiring ? Of course not ! They dont even provide a phone number, email, or web address for contact !

Bottom line : you get what you pay for. Buy a product that has a company standing behind it.

This is what a genuine Apexi turbo timer looks like.

REAL Apexi Turbo Timer

Written by Modern Performance

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