MP’s crew has added two new 95-99 Neons to the lineup!

Over the weekend two 95-99 Neons were added to our employee’s car collections.

Both are 1998’s, one is a 1998 Dodge Neon R/T coupe that started off as a black R/T coupe owned by a local customer named Derek Vizena. Derek had his R/T repainted silver around 2001. This car has a host of bolt on parts, and its also 2.4 engine swapped. It currently has BC coilovers (look how low it is!) and SRT-4 wheels as shown below. This car is now owned by our employee Kyle.

The second car shown here is a 1998 Dodge Neon Sport in Intense Blue. This car was owned by David Barrera, an employee of MP, from roughly 2001-2004. This car was then sold to Shawn Henry of Dallas who owned it from roughly 2004-2010. Its now owned by our employee John. Its currently a 2.0 with bolt on parts, and Johns got a list of things he wants to do to it shortly, first off he wants a set of BC Coilovers.

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