Check out this coilpack and wires we received from Accel for the 95-05 Neon/03-05 Neon SRT-4

We received a sample set of coilpack and wiring from Accel today for the 95-05 Neon/03-05 Neon SRT-4.

If the coilpack wasnt bright yellow, we might have considered purchasing these and stocking these.

Accel coilpack and wires for the 95-05 DODGE NEON

Now, for those of you who have yellow accented engine bays, you might like this coilpack. But, for the other 95% of people who have blue, red, polished silver, black, or even Carbon Fiber engine bay accents, this will clash bigtime.

Why couldnt Accel make a coilpack for the Neon like this one from Granatelli ? This black coilpack is much less of a visual explosion of color and much more subtle!
Granatelli Coilpack for the 95-05 Dodge Neon and 03-05 SRT-4

More information on the Granatelli coilpack on our website here:

Oh well. Accel if you ever make a black coilpack for the Neon/Neon SRT-4 give us a call.

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