Check out this lip spoiler we installed on the trunk of our 1995 Neon Nitro Yellow Green ACR !

We bought this trunklid spoiler off Ebay and we are very impressed with the paint match, quality of paint, and quality of the piece! Its a very mild, smooth styled spoiler that we think matches the lines of the rear of the 95-99 Neon well, and its adds a nice touch to the car !

This piece cost just about under $70 DELIVERED and painted, all the way from Taiwan! We just gave the seller on Ebay our paint code, and 3 weeks later it arrived! We installed it today on our Nitro Yellow Green ACR coupe and it looks great !

Heres the link to the seller on Ebay. If they no longer have the auction up, just search on Ebay for the user Millowe

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