Differences between BC and Megan coilovers

We’ve frequently heard people say

“BC and Megan coilovers are the exact same coilovers”.

This blog post is to show the differences between the BC and Megan coilovers and discuss the differences between them.

First off, the BC and Megan coilovers do have one huge common factor – they are both made by BC. The Megan coilovers are whats known as a stage 1 coilover and the BC offer whats known as the BC stage 2 coilovers.

Both are very similar, and they share some components between both coilover units. However, judging by the differences we have noticed between the coilovers we give the following recommendation:

Megan coilovers – good for light street use. These are good units for people on a budget.

BC coilovers – great for street use, hardcore cornering, and track use. We feel that the BC coilovers are a better quality unit

Heres why we give that recommendation.

Everything on the BC coilovers seems more solid, and better reinforced. Take for example the brake line attachment difference between the BC in black and the Megan in silver below. The Megan has a single weld vertically attaching the brake line bracket to the coilover whereas the BC has a full radius weld attaching the brake line bracket to the coilover. Although this part of the coilover isnt critical to have this much strength, it goes to show the attention to detail for strength in the BC’s is far better.

Next we’re going to compare the dust boot on the BC to the Megans. Again, this is not a critical difference, but it shows that these items are NOT the exact same item and that there is a quality difference.

Here we have the BC coilovers, look at how the dust boot has a long neck that extends upwards on the strut rod to help keep oil, water and dirt away from the strut rod.

Now heres the Megan coilover assembly. Here you’ll see the dust boot doesnt have a long neck that extends upwards to help seal out the debris. More than likely this will still function very well, but its the extra attention to detail that seperates the BC from the Megan here.

Next we have the lower sleeve that the strut housing and assembly threads into. There are two important things to see here.
First, you can see that the BC coilover has a much more coarse thread, which will make it easier and faster to make adjustments to the coilover assembly. The Megan has a very fine thread, which makes it take longer to make adjustments to height. Next, you can see the BC has a much longer sleeve which makes gives you more of a range of adjustment versus the Megan which has a shorter sleeve which provides for less adjustment range.

In the next photo we want to show you the difference in welding between the BC and Megan. Look at the rear swaybar endlink mount on both coilover units. The Megan in silver has two stitch welds whereas the BC has full welding along the entire swaybar endlink mount. This may seem trivial, but it shows again that the BC was designed to be stronger, and more durable under abusive driving !

So, again, to summarize, the BC coilovers are definitely built for more abuse, for faster adjustment range, and for durability. We still feel that the BC coilovers are the best coilover available for the money, and feel that the Megans will work well for the budget minded.

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