Picture of a slammed Neon SRT-4 with Megan coilovers that stopped by our shop the other day.

A customer of ours stopped by our shop the other day and it was SLAMMED!

This particular customer has the Megan coilovers, and although we didnt have a chance to ask him how much he lowered it, we can safely assume that its lowered to the MAX!

Neon SRT-4 slammed with Megan coilovers

The beauty of using coilovers like these, is that you can lower your vehicle a LOT and not have to compromise your ride quality. If you had lowered your Neon SRT-4 with drop springs this much, the spring rate would have to be EXTREMELY high to prevent the strut from bottoming out. So, ride quality would be terrible with springs.

With coilovers like this, you can lower your car a huge amount and still have a good ride quality!

See our lineup of coilovers for more pictures, details, etc here:

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