Dodge Darts with 2.4 benefit from the MPx catch can! Eliminate oil sludge in your intake manifold!

The Dodge Dart 2.4L engine has baffles inside the valve cover that allow blow by and vapor from thermal cycling to be removed by the PCV system. The PCV system runs to the intake manifold so these vapors can be burned off through the engine.

The problem with this system is that oil vapors can naturally can flow through the PCV system and coat the inside of the intake manifold. In no time you can actually have oil pool up in the intake manifold.

This catch can system fixes that problem. It traps the oil inside the catch can but still allows the vapor to bypass and get burned off in the engine.

Over about a two week period we collected about 4 tablespoons of engine oil through our catch can. That’s oil that would have pooled up and slicked up the intake manifold.

This catch can has a convenient sight system that shows you how much oil has been collected, and also has an easy quarter turn ball valve on the bottom of the catch can to easily and quickly drain oil without having to have it removed.

Written by Modern Performance

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