Dodge Dart owners with problems going into reverse? Your reverse lockout cable is most likely broken.

The 2013-2016 Dodge Dart with manual transmission has a reverse gear that is accessed by moving the shifter to the far left and then up. This is a common European design. The problem with it, is that someone could easily put their transmission into reverse if they were not careful instead of first gear. So, the transmission engineers put a reverse lockout sleeve that in order to access reverse you have to lift up on a sleeve on the shifter.

This sleeve pulls on a cable, that raises up a safety bar on the shifter, then allowing the shifter to be moved into reverse. Over time, this cable can break, and leave you unable to get your Dart into reverse.

Now, we offer three options. You can get a new reverse lockout cable by itself, pop off your oem shift knob, and install it, however,the OEM shift knob will be destroyed when its removed. So you really should either buy a new OEM shift knob that you’ll need to glue down like the one from the factory, or get the MPx shift knob with lockout cable package. The MPx shift knob is the only one that is truely reusable compared to the OEM knob, and its smaller in size offering a more sporty feel instead of the softball sized oem shift knob.

    1. New reverse lockout cable

    1. New reverse lockout cable with OEM shift knob

    1. New reverse lockout cable with MPx shift knob

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