Have a big turbo on your SRT4? Good, your 1/3 of the way to making BIG power.

GUESS how much horsepower this car has!
Quick details:
2004 Neon SRT4
AGP 50 trim turbo
3 inch exhaust
3 inch air intake

Most people would guess somewhere between 350-425 hp, but you would all be wrong. (Let me first stress that this car was bought this way by its current owner)

Why? Well, this car has a serious problem. It has a big turbo strapped to the engine, with BONE STOCK fuel system, and stock injectors. In order to make the correct power amount, this car needs at LEAST 750cc injectors and a fuel return line system to supply the needed fuel.

Because this car has the absolute wrong fuel system, it made 214 wheel horsepower, or about 20 hp less than a stock SRT4.

Also, theres something else seriously wrong with this car.

The external wastegate that mounts to the turbo manifold has a flange, and a piece of piping that carries the exhaust away from the manifold and under the car. For some reason the piping broke off, and was never repaired. So what happens now is the exhaust gases shoot out of the wastegate and directly onto the firewall. Raw exhaust fumes several hundred degrees, and quite possibly flames are shooting out of the wastegate about 1 foot away from the plastic fuel line. This is incrediblly dangerous.

Morale of the story?

If you want to buy a big turbo, dont forget the fuel system. You typically will need injectors and a return line, but you can also use injectors and a diablosport/sct flash to your pcm to control the injectors.

Written by Modern Performance

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