Another Nitro Yellow Green 1995 Neon found/saved from junkyard

(This is a repost from from user nickisazero)

Well I was strolling through a junkyard this past Saturday and on my way out I spotted an unmistakable color hood popped up across the yard… I had to go check this out and behold it was a factory nyg with a DOHC 5spd engine. I thought to myself “odd that this is here, I was just thinking how I missed my old R/T. I need this car!”

I talked to the owner of the yard about buying the entire car and he said he couldn’t do it. I didn’t give up, I explained to him what the car meant to me and he said he’d see what he could do, but probably couldn’t get me a title. Well I gave it about 20minutes and he come walking up with the title inhand and a written down price that I agreed with.

So I pulled this bad boy home and did a pretty good inspection of it, but can’t tell too much from it. I can tell you that it’s completely free of any rust, and rides descently smooth. The bad part is I don’t have a key, so I’ll be getting one made soon. On the window it says “engine bad, transmission good”… So I guess I’ll be waiting to see what’s going on with that.

So am I back in the Neon game? Doubt it, but still an awesome find at the yard non-the-less.


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