Installed BC Coilovers onto your Neon/Cobalt/Caliber? Please read this.

We had a customer call us the other day that told us that his car was bouncing more than he thought it should be after he just installed BC coilovers.

After spending some time discussing it with him, we at first thought that either his dampening settings were not dialed in correctly, or that his struts were blown on his coilovers.

After further discussion, he told us that his friend adjusted the spring preload on the coilovers before installing them.

This is, exactly the problem that was causing the bounciness of his car. He pretensioned the springs too much, and probably had too little dampening to control the bouncing.

So, with that being said, heres a photo showing the adjustment ring to lower/raise your car, and the two rings that allow you to pretension the springs. When your wanting to make adjustments to your car, PLEASE do not adjust the pretension of the springs, they are factory preset for best ride quality! You should not have to make any adjustments to the spring pretension. You should only be making adjustments to the lower ring, and adjusting the height by threading the uppwer assembly into the lower assembly.

We hope this will help some BC coilover owners!

Written by Modern Performance

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