Its official! The next MP meet will be 5/18/2013. Dyno sessions to follow at FWD performance!

Neon/SRT4/Caliber SRT4/Cobalts/Dart/Abarth fans take note! The next BIG MP MEET will be 5/18/2013!

This meet will be at Modern Performance in Houston Texas at 9531 Townpark Dr, Houston Texas 77036.

Our meet will start at 10am and go to 2pm, and then from 2pm onwards Cindy at FWD Performance will be hosting a dyno party at their shop.
The address for FWD performance is 299 Riley-Fuzzell Rd. Spring, Texas 77373, just about 25 miles north of Modern Performance.

We’ll have parking for everyone, a live DJ, snacks, drinks, and some top secret special guests!

Make plans to come on out and see lots of cool cars, and have a good time!

Pictures of previous meets:

Put it on your calendar and get your car ready!

Written by Modern Performance

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