Just did a set of BC coilovers, inverted model for a 03-05 Neon SRT4. 600 ft lb springs front and rear for a race car!

We had a Neon SRT4 owner who races his SRT4 at the track a lot (dedicated track car) and he wanted custom spring rates for his SRT4.

He had previous experience with a high rate spring and wanted to order up a set of inverted BC coilovers but with 600 ft lb springs (factory spring rate is about 220-250!!).

So, we got it all lined up, and are shipping them directly to the race track for the customer. Custom spring rates are no problem for us, just give us a call to discuss!

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Remember, MP stocks BC coilovers, AND custom spring rates are no problem!

Neons/SRt4’s at the Nurburgring in Germany!