Detailed explanation of differences between Mopar coilovers and BC coilovers for Neon SRT4

Detailed explanation of differences between Mopar coilovers and BC coilovers for Neon SRT4

We had a customer overseas ask about the differences between the Mopar and BC coilovers for the Neon SRT4. We typed out this long explanation below and thought that some of you may appreciate our explanation below so we posted it in our blog!

Before I explain what the differences, take into account that the factory spring rates are about 210 for the front, and about 150 for the front.

We have two options for coilovers for you.
1) Mopar stage 3 coilovers.
2) BC coilovers

Each one has very unique advantages.

Mopar coilovers – German made, all stainless steel bodies that will not rust and have a low spring rate of about 250 front and 175 rear. This is the softest ride we can get you.

The disadvantage of these is that they do not lower the car much and if you do blow one out you need to send the whole unit back to the USA to get rebuilt.

BC coilovers – Taiwanese made, steel bodies with 4 coats of anti rust/corrosion protection. These have a spring rate of 336 front and 224 rear. They are more firm than the Mopar but they are our #1 coilover unit for the Neon SRT4. I have them on several of our Neon SRT4’s here and we really love them.

If you happen to blow one of the struts, we can send you a replacement strut cartridge – saving you a lot of money (compared to the Mopar)

AS far as reliability goes, both are excellent units. It just boils down to ride quality, ease of adjustment for height and replacement in case you ever have a blown strut.

Our recommendation would be to go with the BC coilovers since its what we use on all of our cars and even with our potholes we have no problem with the ride quality.

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