Neons/SRt4’s at the Nurburgring in Germany!

A great customer of ours named Mario Kovach, a soldier stationed overseas is helping to organize a trip to the famous Nurburgring in Germany!

The Nurburgring is a famous race track, that is about 7-10 minutes long (depending on how good you are, and how good your CAR is, hehe)

Anyways, Mario is helping put together a meet, and he’s expecting about 15-20 SRT4 enthusiasts at this event. It sounds AWESOME, and we’re super jealous.

We’ve decided to help out by making up these cool stickers to send over to his meet/club event.

Now, this is supposed to go down in September of 2012. Once we get pics from Mario we’ll be happy to share them with you guys!

Written by Modern Performance

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