Making great progress with ECU tuning the 2013+ Dodge Dart with 1.4 turbo engine!

So, we have been working with Syked ECU to do some tuning the factory ECU in our 2013 Dodge Dart with 1.4 Turbo engine.

We’ve got many hundreds of man hours into this so far, and over 130 dyno runs. AND we’re not even finished!

We’re currently doing about 2500 miles of road testing and tuning on the highway, and then we’ve got several more hundred hours of dyno tuning and driving.

Here is a quick teaser showing our Dart and how we had 145 wheel hp and 166 torque to begin with.

This dyno shows 168 wheel hp and 196 torque but our last dyno was 172 wheel hp and 202 lbs of torque.

Next, we’ll continue to do more tuning, and finishing up on throttle tip in, timing and more.

Stay tuned, we’re getting closer to releasing this ECU tune!


Written by Modern Performance

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