Malcolm Ward’s 1998 Dodge Neon ACR goes 169mph in Texas mile!

Malcolm Ward, with his first gen Neon/SRT4 swap ran a speed of 169mph in the Texas mile! The Texas mile is a sanctioned, one mile long airstrip speed test. You go out, drive your car to your cars top speed and its radar checked by the end of the strip. Malcolm went out and really impressed everyone with his 169mph top speed run in one mile!

“Text from Texas Mile organization”
169 MPH DODGE NEON?! : That’s right we said it: 169 MPH in a Dodge Neon! We couldn’t believe it either; it was a great highlight for the event weekend no one expected Malcolm Ward’s top speed to be 169 MPH in his Neon. This little guy doubles as a daily driver…. This car will make you think twice before you pass a Neon on a Texas Road.

Written by Modern Performance

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