Mishimoto radiator/shroud sandwiched into a 95 Neon with SRT4 swap

95 Neon with SRT4 swap, runs hotter than normal on cruising with AC on.

The first gen Neon doesnt have nearly as much airflow through the front end as the 03-05 Neon SRT4 did. So, with less airflow, its going to run hotter anyways. On top of that, the radiator fans have been zip tied to the radiator, and arent sealed at ALL to the radiator. This allows for less suction then needed of air through the radiator.

Lots of custom cutting/trimming to the fans and shroud to allow fitment. Also, the radiator inlet has been moved from the passenger side (inlet was directly above outlet) so that we have more crossflow now (Suggestion by our great friend Malcolm Ward). Instead of the coolant hitting the radiator core and flowing straight down, coolant will spend more time flowing through the radiator, helping to dissipate more heat.

Specific work done:
– shroud basically cut in half to make the overall radiator/shroud thinner
– mounting bosses for shroud cut, retapped and finished to bring shroud closer to the radiator
– rubber hose split in half, and put on the ends of the shroud to narrow gap between radiator and shroud
– fans cut down to reduce overall heigth by about .25 of an inch. Drivers side fan cut about .40 of an inch for more clearance between throttle body and fans.
– fans sealed to shroud with RTV
– all holes either sealed off

End Result:
Getting MUCH better airflow now through radiator. No more overheating now that we have tons of air being sucked through the radiator cooling down the coolant!


Notice the moved coolant inlet from passenger to drivers side.

Notice how thick the radiator/shroud assembly is.
Radiator is not installed, just sitting in engine bay and its tight!


Shroud and fans cut down as much as possible.

Drivers side fan cut down more than passenger side for extra room near the throttle body.
Talk about a close fit!
Temporary hose installed, later replaced with a Gates OEM style SRT4 hose.
Very little room to work with.
Backside of fan assembly

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