Mopar Control Arms with Prothane Bushings Installed Comparison

We get a lot of questions on what the difference is between the stock and Prothane bushings on the control arms. In some cases it can be a little hard to tell just by looking. Shown here are control arms with black Prothane bushings installed already.

prothane control arms prothanes

Since they are black, they look almost just like stock ones! So lets get a side by side comparison! Prothane equipped on the left and stock on the right.

prothane control arms neon

The difference here is pretty clear. The Prothane bushings are visually more substantial than the stock rubber units.

prothane control arm neon

Here as well, you can see the difference with the new bronze color sleeve pressed into the Prothane bushing on the left along with the bushing being more squared off.

These are great maintenance pieces and can really bring a car back to and beyond it’s original feel from thousands of miles ago!

Check them out further here!

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