NEW! QTP Wireless Controller for Exhaust Cutouts

Whether space is at a premium in your Car or truck or you prefer to retain stock vehicle appearance or just like the ‘high tech’ aspect of it all. The QTEC Remote Control system is the answer! The transmitter is small enough to install into the tightest spaces. Connect your power/ground and plug in your QTEC’s. It’s as simple as that! Press and hold the button on the remote switch. Open them wide open, or just a touch. The choice is yours! QTP offers more control options than any other company on the market.

QTP wireless cutout controller

This is a neat piece that is very easy to install! If you have a QTP electronic cutout this is a simple add on for you. Just unplug your switch and wire the receiver up for power where your switch was. The supplied remotes have a range of nearly 100′! Controllers will tilt opening to partial or wide open position, fully controllable!

$74.99 and available here –

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