Motor Mount inserts – using them with worn/broken motor mounts

Motor Mount inserts – using them with worn/broken motor mounts (pertains to 95-05 Neons and 03-05 SRT-4’s)

We get calls all the time from customers who state pretty much exactly the same story.

“Ive got a 1996/2000/2003 Dodge/Plymouth Neon and or 2003-2005 Dodge SRT-4 and Ive got a lot of movement from my engine. I think my motor mounts are shot, and I want to use the Prothane motor mount inserts with my factory motor mounts to prevent the engine movement.”

Now, it sounds like a good idea, but heres the problem.

Prothane motor mount inserts are meant to be used with new, or good condition motor mounts to prevent flexing of the engine. They are NOT designed to be used with worn out or failing motor mounts. Why ? Well, when the motor mounts are failing, they will have way too much movement, and a motor mount insert wont fix it.

It would be like using a band aid on a major cut on your arm (that really requires stitches). It might work for a little while, but its ultimately the wrong way of fixing the problem.

Bottom line :

If you have a failing set of motor mounts with your 95-05 Neon or 03-05 Neon SRT4, and you’d like to use motor mount inserts, REPLACE your motor mounts and then install the inserts at the same time. It will make a drastic difference, and the combo of solid motor mounts and new inserts will last a LONG time.

Written by Modern Performance

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