Need custom bore size pistons? No problem we can handle it.

We have a lot of pistons in stock.
Neon 8.8:1, 10.5:1, 12.0:1 compression
SRT4 8.0:1, 8.5:1 compression
2.4 swap 10.5:1

Then, we offer all of these in standard bore size, and .020 overbore for those of you that need to bore the piston bores out further.

Now, if you guys have a block that needs some work due to scratching, or damage to the cylinders, give us a call, we can surely do custom bore sizes for you with JE.
They are priced at just about the same amount as the rest of our pistons and lead time is about 2 weeks. We can always offer piston dome coatings and skirt coatings as well.


Written by Modern Performance

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