Neon 2.4 Motor Swap Power steering bracket finally finished! WahOOoo!

For those of you 1995-1999 Dodge Neon owners who plan on doing a 2.4 motor swap but know that the power steering bracket used for the swap will end up cracking, we have the solution! Some of you have probably seen the updates from time to time, and we are finally finished !

Heres a photo of our finished batch. We now have PLENTY in stock !!

MPx Neon 2.4 motor swap Power steering bracket

Details on our bracket:
1/4 inch thick steel
Welded joints for superior strength
Includes all mounting screws for mounting to block, power steering pump
Uses a bolt for pivoting the power steering pump for easy adjustment

MPx Neon 2.4 motor swap Power steering bracket

Heres a photo showing the power steering mounted with the bracket. Its incredibly solid, and allows for easy adjustment of the power steering pump. Also, it fits with the stock intake manifold, and the AllMotorMike intake manifolds as well !

MPx Neon 2.4 motor swap Power Steering Bracket

More details to come..
These should be available for sale around 10-16-09.

Written by Modern Performance

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