Diablosport Predator flashed the 1995 Neon NYGSRT swap today.

Today I did something that very few 1995-1999 Dodge Neon owners have ever done. I took a Diablosport Predator, connected it to my OBD2 port on my 1995 Neon and flashed a new performance program to the pcm within 3 minutes.

Now, before all of you 1995-1999 Neon owners call us and ask where you can buy this item, realize that this car is a full SRT4 swap car, and it has a SRT4 pcm, wiring harness, and obd2 port on a car that typically came with obd1 and could not be flashed.

Here are some pictures of the flashing process.

Diablosport Predator flashing 1995 Dodge Neon NYGSRT4

Diablosport Predator flashing 1995 Dodge Neon NYGSRT4

Results :
Went from 13-14 psi to 15-16 psi of boost
Boost builds up MUCH faster now
Went from 10.5:1 air fuel ratio in 4th gear to 12.0:1 air fuel ratio in 4th gear. (Car was reprogrammed to run leaner for more power with predator flash!)

Further benefit of the Predator flasher:
Can adjust idle
Can adjust when fans turn on and off
Can adjust timing
Can adjust fuel
Can adjust boost
Can adjust TONS more parameters. Its absolutely amazing.

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